Best 450+ 18th Birthday Wishes, Messages & Quotes

18th Birthday Wishes

Turning into 18th is just like turning new chapter of life. In this life you experience new adventures and some different and responsible things and you will also able to vote. You are not turning just your age number you are also going to enter in adulthood.

So to wish 18th birthday wishes to your brother, sister, quotes, friends and many more. We have compiled this post with all your needs 18th birthday wishes for your loved ones to feel them special.

18th Birthday Wishes For Girls

18th Birthday Wishes For Girls

Happy ẞirthday 🎂🎂
Man¥ many happy ®eturns of the da¥.❤️
Always be happ¥ and
Keep §miling.☺️
Allah always $uccess
you in £very field of

Ma¥ All your dreams
wishes fantastiç.😍
Wishing you happines 😊
good health and 🅰️ great year ahead.💖
May ¥ou ße gifted with
life’s ẞiggest jøy
and never €nding bliss.❣️

Stay Happy 😊
I truly wish that ¥ou
are blessed ❤️with all the
happiness, health, Joy and
Prosperity in life.💫
After all ¥ou yourself are a Girft to €arth, so you deserve the ẞest.💕

May Gød bless ¥ou with
H£alth, wealth and prosperity
in ¥our life.🥰
€njoy £very moment
of this special Õccasion.😇
Ågain happy happy 💟
wala ẞirthday 🥳

Don’t ¢ount the candles, £njoy the ßirthday party.🤗
have a fantastic ẞirthday.🫶🏻
On this $pecial day of your’s,
may G0d’s amazing
love be with ¥ou❤️
and make ¥ou the ®ecipient of the
most ẞeautiful things iñ life.🥰

¥ou are so ¢ute and lov£ly persön.😚
$tay ẞlessed❤️
¥ou are truly ẞlessed to see
another wonde®ful year of your life.💞
Ma¥ God give you the desire of ¥our heart and make all your plans $ucceed.💟

Ma¥ your life ẞe filled with
peace, løve, hope , good health, and happinéss.💕
Ålways remember to never lose
¥our faith in god ẞecause he
will never leave ¥you nor forsake ¥ou.🥰
The ẞest things a®e yet to ¢ome.🤗

May ¥our birthday be @mazing as ¥ou.☺️
Here’s another ¥ear for you.✨
Ma¥ today be filled with $miles.😊
Wishing ¥ou a day of ẞirth.😍
Çelebrate your da¥ to the full£st.❤️
Wishing ¥ou a memorable ẞirthday.💞

Çheers to your Personal new ¥ear.🤗
May ¥our çake be sweet and life $weeter.💞
Cheers to @nother trip around th£ sun.🌞
Änother 365 days journey ẞegins.🫶🏻
Again happ¥ ẞirthday to you.🎂

H@ppy birthday to ¥ou 🎉
I høpe all ¥our birthday wishes and d®eams çome true.💝
Ma¥ always be ẞlessed with what ¥ou deserve.❤‍🔥
Wi$hing ¥ou a very very happy ẞirthday dear.🥳

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18th Birthday Wishes For Boys

18th birthday wishes for boys
  • Happ¥ 18th ẞirthday I wish you always ẞe happy 😊 in lif£
    Ägain ver¥ very håppy 18th ẞirthday dear 🎉
  • Çongratulation før 18th birthday £very day become very $pecial for ¥ou💞
  • Happy 18th ẞirthda¥ you §ucceed in €very field of lif£ 🤗
  • Finally ¥ou be©ome 18 year Õld happy ẞirthda¥ 🥳
  • Ãlways ẞe happ¥ 😊 and k££p $miling 🫶🏻
  • Man¥ many happ¥ ®eturns of the d@y.🥰
    I wish ¥ou always be h@ppy in lif£.💞
  • Happ¥ 18th ẞirthday görgèous bøy.🫣
    Happy 18th bi®thday m¥ d£ar.🎂
  • $tay smile¥.😊
    Happy 18th Birthd@y to my möst §pecial õne.🥰
  • You d£serve çake, happiness and love on this da¥.🫶🏻
    Happ¥ 18th birthday and €njoy wonderful da¥.❤️
  • ¥ou are a wønderful person and d£serve a wonderful lif€.❤️
    Wi$h you a ver¥ very happ¥ ẞirthday.🎈

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18th Birthday Wishes For Friends

18th Birthday Wishes For Friends
  • Happ¥ 18th birthday my lovel¥ friend.🎂
    I wish ¥ou always ®emain with me as a ẞest friend.💞
  • Happy ẞirthday my ©ute friend.😘
    Toda¥ is the day wh€n you ¢ame on £arth.🌍
  • I wish ¥ou always h@ppy in lif€.😊
    Thank ¥ou for ¢oming in my life m¥ dear friend.💗
  • Happy 18th ẞirthday i am luçky ẞecause ¥ou are my ẞest friend.💟
    §tay h@ppy.😊
  • Thank Ü friend før making m¥ life is more ẞeautiful.💖
    ¥ou deserve all h@ppiness on this d@y.💕
  • Yøu are my ©rime pa®tner 🥰 happy 18th ẞirthday m¥ friend.🥳
    ¥our friendship is one of the valued ®elationships in my lif£.💓
  • I hop€ your ẞirthday is Peaceful and jo¥ful.😍
    Wishing a ver¥ happy ẞirthday m¥ favourite fri£nd.❣️
  • Happy ẞirthday M¥ friend.🎂
    I’m p®aying that ¥ou’re ẞlessed with £verything as wonderful as you are as ¥ou start this new year of lif€.🫶🏻
  • Happy ẞirthday to m¥ best f®iend!🥰
    I’m $o greatful for your fri£ndship.🤗
    We’ve made §o many wonderful memories tøgethers.💗
  • You are nõt just my ẞest friend ¥ou are m¥ crazy ¢rime pa®tner my $peaker.💞

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18th Birthday Wishes For Brother

18th Birthday Wishes For Brother
  • Happy ẞirthday to the best b®o on the £arth.🎊
    Töday we çelebrating an awesome day ẞecause is your ẞirthday.🥮
  • You’re the ẞest brother in the world always ẞe happ¥.❤‍🩹
    Wishiñg the most wonde®ful brother the ẞest birthday €ver.💞
  • I’am the lu¢kiest person 🥰 ẞecause i have a wonderful ẞrother and he
    is m¥ protector 💗
  • ¥ou’re one of the ẞest part of my lif£ ❤‍🔥 and I’m so proud to ¢all you
    my ẞrother i luv u 💕
  • You’re the one of m¥ favou®ite people.💓
    May God ¢ontinue to $hower you with many ẞlessings.✨
  • M¥ prayer is that ¥ou get £verything ¥ou want.❣️
    ¥ou deserve it all.🤗
    Ägain happy happy bi®thday 🎂🎈

Happy ẞirthday B®other 🎉
Man¥ many happy ®eturns of this $pecial day.❤‍🔥
£njoy this special day.💓

May your life be filled with sweet moments, happy smiles and blissful memories.😘
May this day give you a new beginning in life.
Happy birthday dear brother

  • May yøur life ẞe filled with $weet moments, happy $miles and blissful memo®ies.😘
    Ma¥ this day give ¥ou a new ẞeginning in life.🤗
  • Happy ẞirthday to my dear b®other and ẞest friend.❤️
    M@y God ẞless you with all his ẞlessings and ©are.💟

M¥ Hero!🥰
Happy birthday tø my b®other.🥳
Thañk you for ẞeing my built-in ẞest friend for life.💕
£njoy ¥our $pecial day.🤗

  • Øn this $pecial day, I pray that G0d blesses you with £very good thing, with love, with lu¢k, and with jõy.💞
    Thanks ¥ou for always ẞeing there for me and giving me ¥our support and §trength.💓

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18th Birthday Wishes For Sister

18th Birthday Wishes For Sister
  • Happ¥ ẞirthday my De🅰️r $ister.🫶🏻
    Çongratulations and ẞig wishes to my §ister for turning 18 ¥ears.💟
  • I am $o lucky to give me such a l0vely and wonderful sister like ¥ou.💞
    I am §o lucky that ¥ou’re my sister and my ẞest friend!😘
  • Happy ẞirthday to my number Öne, favourite $ister of @ll time.💕
    You a®e the most p®ecious gift that Gôd has given me ,happ¥ 18th
    birthday ❤️
  • Happy birthda¥ to my little §ister who is growing up way tøø muçh fast.🤗
    There is nó b£tter friend than a $ister.❤️
  • Happ¥ ẞirthday to this little int£lligent girl, I’m very p®oud of you.🥰
    I love ¥ou sooo mu©h dear §ister.😘
  • M¥ dear sister, øn this special o¢¢asion, I wish ¥our life is full øf
  • A ßig happy ßirthday to ¥ou.🥳
    You are §o special in m¥ life, not only for ẞeing my lovely §ister but also for b£ing one of my ẞest fri€nd.❤‍🔥
  • Toda¥ is your ẞirthday.🎊
    I couldn’t find Änother great $ister like you an¥where.💞
    Happy ẞirthday my §weet sister.❤‍🩹
    L love ¥ou soo mu©h.❣️
  • Happy ẞirthday to my d€ar sister, may all ¥our d®eams come true on your §pecial day.🫶🏻
    I am so lücky to have such a $weet and wönderful §ister like ¥ou.❤‍🩹
  • $ister are the second ve®sion of møther.💞
    §he will give ¥ou ädvice prøtect ¥ou and s¢old you and ©are your.🤗
    Sò cute ®elationship me and my $ister.❤️

Happy 18th Birthday Messages

Happy 18th Birthday Messages

Turning 18th is amongst most beautiful things in life🥰
Don’t bat an eyelid to miss a single moment of your wonderful day today!
HaPpY 18th birthda¥ Dear🥰🎂🎊

A new day has started with lot of BriGhtnEss, it’s your 18th birthday dear!!✨🥳
I’m so glad for your entrance in the adulthood.😊

Always be happy and keep
Don’t be scared to take on challenges. They wil definitely come……🫶🏻
Explore the world and enjoy yourself……✨
You are more than what you think you are….😍
HaPpY 18th ßirthda¥ dea® 🎊🎂

May all ¥ou®
Come true and find the courage to pursue them..✨
HaPpY 18th ßirthda¥ dea® 🎊🎂

Wishing you HappiNes, good health and a great year Ahead!✨
Our precious little girl is turning 18…
You’ve grown up so fast and turned into a fine young women….🩷
HaPpY 18th ßirthday dea® 💕

Eighteen years ago today our lives changed.
Because we were blessed with the most precious and kind daughter 🩷
HaPpY 18th birthday dea® 🎂🎊

You are about to embark on a new journey as an adult.
You were a wonderful kid and I know you’ll be an even better adult 🥰✨
HaPpY 18th birthda¥ dea® 🎊🎂

I am wishing the best for you during your 18th year.
Live your life to it’s full potential ✨
May your birthday herald a year of great health and happiness 🫶🏻
HaPpY 18th birthda¥ gorgeous ✨🎂

May you overcome every problems life throws your way.
May you always be confident in the face of adversity 🩷
HaPpY 18th birthday ✨🎂🎊

I hope you know that you will never too old to come home and be pampered like princess.
Too embarrassed?
Yes, but never too old🫶🏻
HaPpIeSt 18th birthda¥ 🎂✨

Funny 18th Birthday Wishes

Funny 18th Birthday Wishes

HaPpY 18th birthday!
A wonderful life is waiting for you where you are not able to behave like childs and don’t have chocolates or lollypops 😜
HaPpIeSt 18th birthday 😍
May the beautiful sunlight be filled in the life and you can achieve whatever you want. I wish you a very happy 18th birthda¥ 🎂🎊

HaPpIeSt 18th birthday 🎊🎂
Today, my advice for you is simple; live each day of your life like it’s your birthday and cut cake everyday 😂🫶🏻
Celebrate what makes you, you😊

I know Your wish, your goals, your hope, your dreams are not to be turning in adulthood😉
Happiest 18th birthday🎂🎊

Life is like a journey by boat and from today, you’re ready to take charge of your own boat 🫶🏻 I wish you all the very best for the future.
HaPpIeSt 18th birthday! 🎂🎊

There’s only one rule at the age of eighteen !
There are no rules 😜
HaPpY birthday 💕🎊🎂

It’s your birthday, 18
The magic number…
Free to move out , vote and join the armed force’s, oh yeah and get a job!
To destroy the whole life😌
HaPpY destroyed life birthday 🫶🏻🎂

Happy 18th birthday 🎊🎂
Don’t start to take yourself too seriously. Nobody else is about to.😉

HaPpY 18th birthday 🎂
I am wishing the best for you during your 18th year 🫶🏻 Although I know you will not be Great at being an adult 😂

HaPpIeSt 18th birthday 🎊🎂
I’d know it was your birthday even if it wasn’t posted kn Facebook!
Have a great birthday and year ahead!

18th Birthday Quotes

18th Birthday Quotes
  • Glowing and growing……# 18th birthday 🎊🎂
  • Adulting since today and classy since birth……
    18th birthday 🫶🏻🎂

Knock — knock

Bye Bye childhood, welcome adulthood……#18thbirthda¥🎂🎊

Here’s baby adult…..#18thbirthda¥🎊🫶🏻

Yes, that’s right, it’s my 18th birthday 🎊

Age is just a number.
The real maturity comes from experience. Congratulations 🥳🎊
On becoming 18th.
I wish you a bright future 🫶🏻💕
HaPpY 18th birthda¥🎂

Don’t be scared to take on challenges. They will definitely come. Explore the world and enjoy.
HaPpIeSt 18th birthday 🎊🎂

As you turn 18th today 🎂
Forgot your break-ups…
Forget your enemies…
Cherish your friends…
Cherish your memories 🫶🏻💕
Forget your nightmares
Forget your failures…
Cherish your love💕
Cherish life flavour!🎊

They say that youth is wasted on the young but you have the ability to prove that wrong….
On Your 18th birthday
Make me a promise that you will not waste what you’ve got 🫶🏻
HaPpIeSt 18th birthday 🎊🎂

18th Birthday Messages

18th Birthday Messages
  • Happ¥ 18th ẞirthday.🎂
    I am wishing the ẞest for ¥ou during your 18th ¥£ar.💓
    Døn’t start to take yourself too $eriously.😊
  • May ¥ou be blessed with happiness on ¥our $pecial day, and th®oughout the ¥ear.💗
    You are one in ẞillion keep §miling.😊
  • Happ¥ landing d@y.🤭
    May your lif€ be filled with jo¥, love and laught£r.❤️
    Have a €very great da¥.💞
  • Dear, wishing yøu a very $pecial birthday and a wonderful Year @head!😇 M@y God continue to ẞless you with all the wond£rful things in life.💕
  • Many many happ¥ returns of the d@y.💟
    Ma¥ all your wishes ¢ome true.💖
    I høpe your d@y is as amazing and §pecial as you are.❤‍🔥
  • Sending yõu so much love for your ẞirthday.🥰
    Alwa¥s be happy and keep §miling.😊
    Allah always su¢¢ess you in £very field of life.❣️
  • Y0u are the gift in my life, and on your $pecial day, I give ¥ou the gift of my love.❤‍🔥
    I hope all ¥our wishes ¢ome true.🤗
  • Happy bi®thday to the most §pecial person in my life.💕
    We’ve made sö many wond£rful memôries togethers.🫶🏻
  • $tay always happy and h£althy.🤗
    Your the möst important person in m¥ life.😘
    Thank ¥ou so much for ẞeing in m¥ life.😍
  • I am so happ¥ and greatful to have you in my lif£.🥰
    Çongratulations on this $pecial day.😇
    Life is a journey and you’ve Önly just ẞegun.🤗

18th Birthday Greetings

18th Birthday Greetings
  • £njoy this $pecial day!❣️
    God has given me h@ppy lif£ and a great friend like ¥ou.💖
    This day is just as $pecial to me as mu¢h as it is for ¥ou.💞
  • Happy 18th Birthday.🎉
    $tay Happy.😊
    May you always ẞe bl€ssed with what you d£serve.💕
    Wishing ¥ou @ very very happy ẞirthday.🎈
  • Çongratulations, today is your 18th ẞirthday.💞
    A new and £xciting journey has §tarted.🤗
    Let us ©elebrate the occasion with happiness and $weet moments.😊
  • G®owing old is mandatory and growing up is øptional.🥰
    Today is not an ordinary day, it’s a da¥ to ©elebrate your 18th ẞirthday.💕
  • ẞeing 18 years old is so diffi¢ult, ¥ou are in the middle of @dulthood.🥹
    B€lieve in your$elf and all that ¥ou are.💞
  • Fulfil ¥our dreams with g®eat effort.😍
    Work hard and one da¥ you
    will $uccess in lif£.🤗
    Stay ẞlessed.😇
  • Ämazing and gøød looking person.❤‍🩹
    €very new year always ẞrings a new ¢hallenge, happy 18th
  • ¥outh is a beautiful time in life, it’s time to make a ßig person and
    su¢cess in life.💓
    You’re my £verything in my lif£ Happy ẞirthday.🤍
  • Toda¥, I’m wishing a very happy 18th ẞirthday.🩷
    I feel so p®oud to have watched you be¢ome the $trong, beautiful.💟
  • Yòur birthday ßrings lots of joy to my heart, my $weet.💖
    This is a çompletely new phase for ¥ou, now you have to ßecome
    more responsible happy 18th birthday to ¥ou.🙂

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