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Best cricket bio for Instagram

It is a fact that cricket is the most popular all over world. People like to play cricket, so many cricket lovers are in search of cricket’s best Instagram bios to put on their Instagram bios.

This post is specially designed for cricket lovers looking for the best cricket bio for Instagram that put grace in their Instagram bios section. Here you get all that cricket bios unique, best, and classy. Copy & paste your favorite one.

Cricket Lover Quotes

Cricket lover quotes

If there’s is no cricket in heaven then
I don’t want to be there…..❌

Cricket is just not only a game it is a life changer game …💗😍

Enjoy the Game & Chase your Dreams
Dreams do come true ..✅😊

You don’t play for the crowd,
You play for the country…🏆

Çrîçkét is a team game .
If you want fame for yourself,
Go play an Individual game ..👐🏻

No cricket team in the world depends on one or two players.
The always plays to win ….🏆💗

Every morning i woke up,
I believed that I could score runs for India✌🏻

You don’t win or lose the Games because of the 11 you select,
You win or lose with that those 11 do on the field….💗

Test cricket is bloody hard work ..,
Especially when you’ve got sachin batting with what looks like a Three metre wide bat…🙌🏻

I want to give my six hours of serious cricket on the Ground
And then take whatever result…💗

“Many people think life is a game; I think cricket is a game!”

“Champions never sleep, the eternal spirit keep them alert and awake!”

Life is simply a cricket match,
With temptation as the bowler…🙃

“Test matches bore people,
One – day matches excite people “😍

Cricket is a passion and is very contagious….👐🏻

Cricket brings me joy….😍

You Must Use
Your Intellect
To time The ball🙃

Cricket is one of the greatest past- time in the world…..😍

“Çrîçkét is basically baseball on valium”🙃

I enjoy outdoor games but
Love cricket the most ..🥰

Don’t ever lose sight of it😇…

“Cricket season is in full swing “✌🏻

I’m a slow starter and a slow finisher…😌

I don’t know why I love playing cricket….💗

“A cricket ground is a flat piece of Earth with some buildings”….😊

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing “🙂

Çrîçkét is a game played by people who like to think they’re Sachin…..😊

You win or lose based on what the 11 do on the ground…✌🏻

A great captain always wins the toss…😊

Cricket is more about learning on the field…😊

No dream is ever chased alone✌🏻

I love cricket even when I don’t watch cricket…

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Cricket Caption For Instagram

Cricket caption for Instagram
  • Cricket: The ultimate test of skills and determination…😍🏏
  • Striving for the perfect cricket shot ..🏏
  • Cricket is my escape from reality….🤍
  • The thrill if a perfect timed cover drive ✌🏻
  • Çrîçkét: A game of strategy and finesse 🏆
  • When the ball meets the bat , magic happens…😍
  • On the cricket field, I am unstoppable ❌
  • Çrîçkét is a religion and the pitch is my temple…🤍
  • Unleashing my cricket prowess….
  • Im the company of legends,

         Chasing Çrîçkétïñg glory….💪🏻🤍

  • Çrîçkét: The art of balance and precision….✅
  • Çrîçkét is my first love ,

          My forever passion 🏏😍

  • Embracing the cricket challenge with open arms….🙌🏻👐🏻
  • Cricket is where i find my inner strength….🤍😍
  • The thrill of a perfectly bowled yorker …😊
  • Cricket: Where every ball is an opportunity..💪🏻
  • In the game of cricket, legends are written….🏏
  • Playing cricket is my happy place..😊😍
  • Cricket: A game that unites nations…🩷
  • The cricket field is my second home ..✅😚
  • Çrîçkét teaches me the value of sportsmanship 🙃
  • Batting, bowling and conquering the cricket world….😍👐🏻
  • Cricket is a dance between bat and ball🤭🤫
  • The cricket pitch is where the dreams come true✅🏆
  • The Camaraderie of the cricket team is unmatched…✅
  • Çrîçkét: The heartbeat of a nation…🙃💗

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Instagram Bio For Cricket Lover

Instagram bio for cricket lover

👉🏻The sound of leather against willow…😎
👉🏻Cricket runs through my veins ..🥰😍
👉🏻Official account 😍🙌🏻
👉🏻 Don’t like cuteness 🤓
Like reality & Maturity 😌
Cricket lover😍

💥The spirit of the game 😍
Zidiii shehzadaa….😍
Lifeline 😍
Cricket lover😙🏏
😏WWE HoLic….💪🏻
Love Hiking 😚

🏏Mr kheladii # 1💪🏻
🤞🏻Broad Minded mundaa🤓🙃
Fitness freak…😌
Chasing the Çrîçkétïñg Glöry….😌🏏

👉🏻Wickets,sixes, and endless excitement..😍👐🏻
👉🏻 Çrîçkét: Gentleman’s game
Smarty boy….😍
Sensible chora😁😆

👉🏻Çrîçkét is not just a sport❌
It’s an emotion 🩷
In cricket, every run counts…😊
Cute larka….😍
Pyaraaa mundaa🩷
Attitude 👉🏻0%
Softhearted 😍😊

👉🏻Çrîçkét is language that everyone understands…😊🤞🏻
The thrill of the cricket field 🏏🤞🏻
Hustle for gaming 😍🏏
Always love to play 👉🏻🏏

👉🏻Cricket fever is in the air….😍
👉🏻Working on my passion 👉🏻 Cricket 🏏
Teamwork, strategy & Victory….✌🏻🏆

King of kings 🫅✌🏻
Player of players ✌🏻
Çrîçkét freak…😍
Love For Mom🥰
Çrîçkét is More than just a game; it’s a way of life…😍🏏

The battle on the pitch begins ..✌🏻🏏
Çrîçkét is where i feel alive😍
Prince ❌ Player dude 🏏😍
Love❌ passion ✅

👉🏻Çrîçkétïñg legends in action….🤍
👉🏻The roar of the crowd fuels my passion for cricket 🖤
Larkaa hun yawwr😁💪🏻
Gym freak😍
Crush 👉🏻 lrkiyo ka😂

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Best Cricket Bio For Instagram

Best cricket bio for Instagram

😚 Cricket lover😍
🏏 Cricket player😌
😍 Single 😋
😎Gujju boy🥰
Wish me on 1st November 🥰

👉🏻Pyar sy humein 😘
👉🏻Raja bulaty hain log…😍
Cake Murder 👉🏻 7th September ☺️🍫
😆Most_ wanted _ munda…😍
👉🏻Friends _ ki _ jaan😍
😍Papa _ ka_ chota_ mundaa😘
👉🏻 Cricket lover…😍

😍Favorite Singer MG🎵🎶
👉🏻Cricket my passion 😎😍
🎂B’day bash 19/4🍫
Photographer 😍

Party time👉🏻4 January 🎂😍
👉🏻Single dude😆
Always be HaPpY 😇
Chemistry 📚
Cricket lover 🏆

📚 Student 📖
🔥Çrîçkét Lövèr…🏏
🥰Patail boy🌚
Royal Éñtry Óñ 4 Déçémbèr 🥰🎂
Thâñks fór wàtçhïñg my pröfïlë😍😇

Cricket freak☺️😊
City___ Kolkata 😇
Born On 12-3😍🥰
Dj my lyf…🎶🎵🔥
Attitude on peak😉😎

💥Mahakal ka bakht😍
💥 My life _ mom_ dad❤️❣️
💥 Music LOver 🎵🎶
💥 Cricket player 😍
💥 Always happy😇🙃
💥late night fun🤓
💥 Respect all😍

Mine bday👉🏻 24 May .,.’🎂
Love uh Möm & Dãd😎😍
Single chouraa😎😍
Gym freak😉
Player 👉🏻 only cricket 😎
Attitude 👉🏻 Depends on your behavior 😎😉

👉🏻Playing cricket,
Living the dream….🔥😍
Bzi Munda 😎
Papa ka saharaa🤞🏻💪🏻
Mama ka ladlaa😍
In the game of cricket, i find my passion 😍🔥

Boundaries are made to be broken 😎🔥
Cricket 👉🏻 where legends are born😎🏏
Single but stable 😅😎
Bat ,bowl and conquer 😎😎🏏

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