Best 300+ Bio For Telegram | Telegram Bio For Boys & Girls

Best bio for Telegram

Making the telegram profile, I don’t understand what to write in the blank space. Don’t worry, the problem has solved. You don’t need to stick to your bio’s for thinking about what to put on it.

In today’s post, you provided most of the Bio for Telegram, attractive bios of Telegram cute, attitude, Cool, aesthetic, etc. This post is helpful for both boys and girls. You just simply copy and then paste it on your telegram bio.

Best Bio For Telegram 

Best bio for Telegram
  • •©reate ¥our øwn sunshin€✨
  • I am 98% angle 👼 ẞut Øhh that 2%👿
  • ẞe the moon 🌚 of own $ky 💫
  • Lets the $adness fade awa¥🤗
  • $hort ẞut $imple😍
  • Expl0re to find what d£fines ¥ou😉
  • ẞ€ more than what ¥ou’re wØrth🥰
  • $tand Øut from the ¢rowd😄
  • $ta¥ fier¢e 😬
  • Lifes to $hort to ẞe wearing ẞoring ¢lothes 😇
  • Collectiñg the Momeñts❤️
  • Never give up Øn what ¥ou ẞelieve💪🏻😇
  • JÜst like Hone¥🍯
  • Don’t ẞe like the ®est öf them, Darling ✨
  • ° Graduated Fröm the Üniver$ity of $elfies 🤳🏻

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Telegram Bio For Boys

Telegram Bio For Boys
  • Jûst a little ẞit imperfe¢t😔
  • Inñocent Face, devil thoüghts🤨
  • I can dø ẞasic shits, with ẞasic people 😇

✓ I am like a ¢offee, dark, ẞitter and hot for Ü🤨

  • Don’t W£ar a ẞrand, ẞe ẞrand✌🏻
  • $oft Heart with ẞad mind😅
  • Simplicity is the Ültimate from of $ophistication 😇
  • Life is Ämazing it’s is what it $hould ẞe 🤐
  • Future is Üncertain
    ßut he end is Älways ñear😐

√ Happy Miñd. Happy Lif€☺️

  • I just trust øn M¥self😇
  • Tim£ movin fast ẞut I’m $tayin Still🥺
  • Your $mile 😊 is Äways M¥ favørite😘
  • Tell me ¥øü love M£❤️
  • M¥ owñ thôughts is løst😔

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Telegram Bio For Girls

Telegram Bio For Girls
  • ¥ou are an idiot🤭, ẞut ¥ou are my idiot😍
  • A $miling girl is the Qü££ñ of her Øwn world🌎
  • No ẞeauty $hines ẞrighter than that of gøød Heart❤️
  • life is too $hort for Älways ẞe happ¥☺️😊
  • ¥ou make me feel love ver¥ much Dea®😍
  • ẞe ¥ourself ẞecause an original worth more than a ¢opy 🦋
  • $trong women ¢onquer th£ world 🥰
  • I know I am lways $pecial for ¥ou🫣
  • If ¥ou don’t like m¥ attitude quite ño talking to m£🥺
  • Count not the troübles, ẞut the jo¥s😊
  • I know am ñot Perfect ẞut trust me I am lo¥al😇
  • What tim€ did ¥ou mak£ this World?❤️
  • If ¥ou don’t have the Äbility to do it, ¥ou døn’t make a ®elationship🖤
  • ẞ£ brief ẞut Sincere with €veryone🤗
  • ẞeing happ¥ is the gØal 😇

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Attitude Bio For Telegram

Attitude Bio For Telegram
  • ẞe Ware Øf m¥ $ilence😎
  • M¥ attitude tell ¥oû £verything😉
  • M¥ attitude tell ¥oû £verything😉
  • I am hot dude with ¢óøl Ättitud£🤓
  • I’m ñot special I’m just limit£d €ditioñ😞
  • Don’t ¢r¥ for @nyb0d¥🙏
  • ẞorn tō kill nøt To di£😠
  • ttitüde is £ver¥thing😏
  • I forgive ẞut i ñeve® forg£t 😎
  • It’s nøt mine Åttitude it’s m¥ $tyl£🤐
  • Never løse ¥our permanent $mile 😊
  • ẞe like a $un first ẞurñ ❤️‍🔥
  • Don’t give Ädvice ünless ¥ou are asked tō🤓

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Cool Telegram Bio

Cool Telegram bio
  • Make ¥ourself Pröud🥲
  • £môtions Äre Ūseless🤓
  • Ño one ¢ares an¥mor€🥺
  • I Will ñever ẞe the $ame person @s ¥ou think😏
  • Gø on, burñ a while😉
  • ẞe a glass if $omeone ẞreaks Ü ¢ut them❤️‍🔥
  • ¢lose the windöw that hürts ¥ou🔥
  • “Hoñest¥ is the ẞest poli¢y”🤗
  • Fall sleep For d®eam änd wakeup for a Purpøse😇
  • Dön’t worr¥ life i$ tempørar¥😇
  • £motiøns ar£ Ûseles$💯
  • ¢atch Flights ,NØt f£€lings🥀
  • I løv€ M¥self 💞
  • Älhamdulillah for €ver¥thing😍🥰

Telegram Bio In Hindi

Telegram Bio In Hindi

Bright like the sun☀️

I’m not interested in anyone 😏

Ønly fôcus oñ yoúr goàl😇

Î’m kiñg ôf owñ world😍

Lôve îs êasy bût qûeen 😉

My lífe, My stylé😇

Í’m nót spécial fôr anyõne😒

Lífe is hâppy wíth yoû🥰

Créate yóúr owñ wõrld☺️

I’m $inglé but hàppy😊

Brañdêd bóy😉

Lífè is sø eãsy wîth smîlê 😇

Lîfê í$ beãutiful wíth favøurite pérson🥰

H@te mè ør lové mê I doñ’t cãre😉

Smîlê is médicîne fôr êvery prøblems😊

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