Best 350+ Sad WhatsApp Status | Sad Quotes In English

Sad WhatsApp Status | Sad Quotes In English

Falling in someone’s love is the best feeling ever, but failing in love and separating from the same person is the worst feeling nobody can feel. We have collected unique and Sad WhatsApp status for WhatsApp that portray your feelings in the form of lines.

This is the best way to put your feelings in sad status lines, quotes, etc. Here you have so many sad status, love status, and broken ones for your Whatsapp.

Sad Status In English

Sad Status In English
  • I äm w£ak persoñ 😢
  • I Fell før Û… ẞut ¥ou don’t ¢atch m£ 😒
  • I’m $ad ẞecause nó oñe with mé 🥺
  • I’m $ad ẞecause nó oñe with mé 🥺
  • I’m ver¥ ẞad pèrsoñ 😢
  • I’m älonë ẞecause nô Øne for me this wo®ld 🌎
  • ¢¢ept ©hang£ 😐
  • Také timè fôr ¥our$elf 😊
  • Tr¥ing to ẞe pe®fe¢t 😇
  • Imperfectl¥ pe®fe©t 😟
  • Cut øut ñegativ€ vib£s 🤗
  • ¥ou alwa¥s hürt mé 💔

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Sad Love Status For WhatsApp

Sad love status for WhatsApp
  • M¥ mind is tr¥ing to forget Ü 😔but….
    M¥ heart is $till waiting for Ū to ¢ome ẞack 🥺
  • Thank Ü mama ¥ou $upported me £verywhere ❤️
  • I f££l like I am løsing m¥self 😭
  • £ver¥one hûrt me Ägain and Ãgain 💔
  • I m løsiñg m¥ lov£ 😞
  • When ¥ou love $omeoñe $o you $hould ẞeliev£ it 🥰
  • Timé døesn’t heal us tim€ it tea¢h us how to live in paiñ😢
  • I have Älready lost ñów workiñg hard to fiñd m¥self from the pit of disaste®s 😩
  • I al®ead¥ lost m¥$elf 😭
  • When Ù lost $omeon£ Ü will lost ¥ou $elf 😭💔
  • I already lôst m¥ £ver¥thing now my thoughts and m¥ fake $mile is ☹️
  • Ñeve® trust an¥on€ £lse 😟

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WhatsApp Status On Sad Mood

WhatsApp status on sad mood
  • I am losiñg my$elf $lowl¥ $lowl¥ 💔
  • Life is fúll of pain añd p®oblém 😞
  • Yes I am løsiñg m¥ f££liñgs 😭
  • $till smiliñg ẞut I am d¥ing from iñside 🥺
  • Alwa¥s stay with me, I don’t féel gøød withoüt ¥ou 😩
  • Anyone ¢an make ¥ou smile ẞut…
    Nøt £veryone ©an make you happ¥ 😬
  • ¥es it’s true missiñg that pérson whóle life 😳
  • I døn’t know…. ẞut still I ®eall¥ miss him 😭
  • I am $ad $oül 😢
  • M¥ héart is ẞrokeñ 💔
  • I ¢an féêl it 😊
  • Júst loøk at the $ky $mile and say ẞ¥£ 😢
  • $ometimes people l0ve ¥ou to hate ¥ou 😥
  • Lovë is paiñ 🥺
  • It’s húrts ãløt😢

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Love Hurt Breaking Sad WhatsApp Status

Love hurt breaking sad WhatsApp status
  • I am ẞroken @lone $o I féêl this 💔
  • Wheñ Ú cry doesn’t mean that ¥ou are weak ẞut you have ẞeen $trong for t00 l0ng 💪
  • Why am I $o ®elatéd to this 🥺
  • If m¥ past ¢omes in froñt of mé I $lap it ver¥ härd 😭
  • Life is sö hard and this is $o true I need $0meone to take tô 😒
  • I also ¢ouldn’t a¢cept the ©hange in mé 💔
  • It hurt wheñ ¥ou døn’t havé a right tø cr¥ 😢
  • I havé ño mo®e words 😒
  • When you ¢ry to much it’s hard tø ẞrëath 🫁
  • It’s different kind of pain when Û want to ¢ry ẞut there is nø tear iñ your £yes 👀
  • I love her $he lóves øthe® 😔
  • I just wish tø ẞe with hér @gaiñ🙏

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Short Sad Status For WhatsApp

Short sad status for WhatsApp
  • To forg£t $omeon£ it t@kes lifetime 😔
  • A ûseless life is än £arly d€ath 💀
  • It is hard to fo®get $ome one whø gave ¥ou so mu¢h to remember ❤️
  • The last øne just melted m¥ hëart 🥺
  • Heart tôuchiñg 💕
  • When ¥ou trust in ẞroken…. it’s ẞetter to have a loñely life 😐
  • £ver¥One hurt M£ 💔
  • $ometimes it’s ẞetter to ẞe alon£ 😭
  • $äd añd Dep®essioñ😢😔
  • ¥ou said £verything that was written in m¥ hea®t 😢

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