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Broken bio for Instagram

Nobody, can imagine the worst feeling when you are badly hurt by someone. No one can go through that situation from which you. At that time, you just want to spend time alone.

We don’t want to enhance your broken feelings, but here are some broken bio for Instagram, broken heart lines, some catchy quotes, and sad bios for you to express your feelings in words. I hope you get one that express your sadness in words. Just copy & paste and put your chosen one on your Instagram, FB, and WhatsApp.

Broken Caption for Instagram

Broken Caption for Instagram
  • And one-day, your name didn’t make me smile anymore….🙃
  • What hurts more than losing you is knowing you’re not fighting to keep me …🥲
  • I thought you were healing me
  • But no, you broke me even more😟
  • You’ll never find someone like me,
  • That’s a promise…🙃
  • I am not like others.
  • That’s where you made your first mistake..👀
  • : It’s not the good-bye that hurts,
  • But the flashbacks that follow….🖤
  • I just wish I could lose these feelings as fast as I lost you …🥲
  • I wish I could ignore you like you ignore me…😶
  • I broke my own heart loving you💔
  • My heart never knew loneliness until you went away.
  • I’m missing you..😶
  • You broke my heart…
  • But i still love you with all the pieces 🙃
  • I wish i could go back🥲
  • To the day I met you🫵🏻
  • And just walk away…🙃
  • Because honestly it would’ve saved me
  • So much hurt & pains…..🥲🫠
  • I don’t hate you 🙃
  • I’m just disappointed
  • You turned Into everything
  • You said you’d never be….👀
  • Part of me
  • Won’t go away.
  • Everyday reminded
  • How much I hate it…..😶
  • He put me through hell
  • And I called it love….🖤
  • : Loving him wasn’t a mistake,
  • But thinking that he loves me was…🙂
  • I don’t miss him.
  • I just miss who
  • I thought he was….😢
  • I’m technically single
  • Bit my heart is taken
  • by someone
  • I can’t call my own….🥲
  • : And the story of us looks a lot
  • Like a tragedy now…..😕
  • Today my forest is dark🖤
  • The trees are sad and all the butterflies have broken wings…💔
  • The worst feeling in the world is knowing you did the best you could and
  • It still wasn’t good enough….
  • Nothing hurts more than watching him love another girl….💔
  • Dear hurt,
  • Why him…?!!!!!!
  • With all the smiles you brought me,
  • I never forget that you could cause me so many tears…🥲
  • I thought you were healing me but no,
  • You broke me even more ..💔
  • I wish i was enough for uh….🥲

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Broken Bio For Instagram

Broken bio for Instagram

👉🏻Black lover..🖤
👉🏻Deep inside 🥲
👉🏻Broken 💔
👉🏻I sent love but I received pain…🫠💔
Still smile….🙃
Innocent 😋

👉🏻Attachment is worse than love ..😑
👉🏻No love 💔
Broken inside 🥲
Just lover of👉🏻 Nature…🌲
My heart still asks about you….🥺

👉🏻Worse feeling of loneliness 🫠🙃
👉🏻Come back 😑
But you broke my heart….🥲
💥Cute smiley….🙂
🥀Love alone vibe now …😊

⚫You took the sun with you when you left ….🥲
⚫You broke all of your promises 🙂
👉🏻Love Myself….😚
⚫Innocence overloaded 😚🙃
Broken but still smile 🙃

💥Tears are the words💧
Heart can’t say💔
⚫My heart was meant to be broken by you💔👀
Photography my love😍😌
Goodbye, old vibes👋🏻
Hii new life😍

😢I miss what we were ..🥹
👀Broken from inside 💔
💥I broke my own heart loving you…🫵🏻
Happy soul😊

⚫All the world is not enough without you…🥹😀
⚫Simplicity my life…
⚫ It’s getting dark in this little heart…..🙃
⚫Cute Larkaa…..
💥You can’t buy love, but you can pay heavily for it….🥲
💥I know you’re happy without me…
💥 love the nature most😍
💥 I don’t know why….
💥 I feel like I’m losing myself….🥲
💥 Proud to be hindu…..

“Sometimes I stay silent because no words can explain
what’s going on in my heart and mind”🥲
👉🏻Broken heart …💔
👉🏻Always alone…🙃

👉🏻If it still makes you cry
It still matters…🥲
👉🏻Dear heart please let these feelings fade….💔🥹
Broken heart…..🥲
👉🏻love 🫠❌
Feelings crashed ❤‍🩹

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Short Broken Caption For Instagram

Short broken caption for Instagram
  • I’ll always love you the most , even if you never did or never will ..🙂
  • I don’t know why I care so much when you don’t care at all …😶
  • Everything I’m about to love someone else,
  • I remember what you did to me and stop my self…💔
  • Do I miss you?
  • Or Do I miss the idea of you?
  • You knew I love you…
  • But you broke my heart anyway….🥲💔
  • It’s different type of pain when you don’t cry anymore,
  • You just take a breath and accept it🖤….
  • 👉🏻My mind is trying to forget you but……
  • My heart is still waiting for you to come back…🖤
  • 👉🏻We all broke rules for someone and in the end they broke us…💔
  • 👉🏻I just feel like,
  • If i die everything will be ok.🙃
  • 👉🏻Thank you for making me cry Everyday 🙃……
  • No one can understand my inner pain 😖
  • “I cried a lot because of you.
  • I laughed a lot because of you…
  • I believe in love because of you…
  • And now I’m heartbroken because of you”….
  • “My mouth say’s, “I’m ok.”
  • “My finger’s text, ” I’m fine.”
  • ” My Heart says, ” I’m broken “
  • “As much as I try telling myself that it will soon be over and that I’ll bounce back, I still lack the strength to move on”..
  • “Stab the body and it heals,
  • But injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime.”
  • “I gave you my heart,
  • I just didn’t expect to
  • Get it back in pieces.”💔😔
  • “Did we have to end
  • What we shared?
  • Did we have to let go
  • Of each other??
  • What is the meaning
  • Of life if I don’t have
  • You by my side?””
  • “It isn’t enough to say that you’re sorry;
  • It doesn’t change the fact that
  • We are never going to be the same ever.”😶
  • “I prayed for more time.
  • I wished things became better
  • Between us.
  • I hoped for the best.
  • But in all ,
  • I am convinced that it’s best we parted ways.”
  • “Time has happened to us,
  • And it is okay.
  • So much for ” here today,
  • Gone tomorrow.”
  • Good-bye, and I wish you all the best”.

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Bio For Broken Heart Girl

Bio for broken heart girl

⚫When I am crying
And someone hugs me,
It makes me
Cry even more….😐😔
⚫Simplicity matters 🤗
⚫Queen of my own heart….🌚
⚫ Dancer😍

⚫Back in school,
They didn’t teach us what we needed to know,
Like how to deal with
Despair or a Broken heart…….🥲🥹
⚫Cute Queen😊
⚫ Alone but happy dude😌
⚫ Don’t like people’s ✌🏻

⏩If it were supposed to feel
Good they wouldn’t call it a crush …❌
⏩Self- love🤍
▶️No entry in My life 💢❌

🥀🥀Being with someone
Who doesn’t love uh
Isn’t called loyalty ,
It’s called stupidity ❤‍🔥🥲
⚫Broken heart 🤗💔
⚫Dil lgaya tha dil lgii ky liye ksi ny
⚫Queen of smile in pain

👉🏻I’m missing something
In my life….🖤
These days….😔
👉🏻 Don’t like crowd🥀
👉🏻love to be Alone 🤗
👉🏻Queen of loneliness 😊👑

👉🏻Sadness is always the
Legacy of the past;
Regrets are pains of the memory….🙃
👑Happy soul 😊
😘Cheer’s life🤗
🥰Enjoy life😍
😍 Give your life a new vibe☺️

👉🏻The most painful memory..
When I walked away and you let me go….🥹
👉🏻Unique personality…☺️
👉🏻Music Addicted….🌚

👉🏻Inside broken 💔
👉🏻Not in relationship ❌
👉🏻 My love👉🏻 My life
👉🏻I don’t believe on love at all ..💔❌
Secrets partner 👉🏻 Bestie 😊

👑Selfie queen 🤳🏻
😍Religious person’s 😍
😌Attitude for deserving one😅😎
👉🏻Broken heart 💔
Crazy 😮✌🏻

Alone* broken » Me🥀
My life 👉🏻 Dost😊
Skun👉🏻 loneliness 😊
Musicholic 🙃🤗
Just hate love 🌚
The girl is broken 💔

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Broken Heart Bio

Broken heart bio

👉🏻When it hurts___ observe.
👉🏻Life is trying to teach you something ..🙃
👉🏻 Matlbii log😒
👉🏻Break the heart smoothly 🌚💔
👉🏻Music Addiction

Befikr __Mundaa..👻
😙Life goes with fun😄
But broken from inside🙃
👉🏻Miss uh baby😞
👉🏻University going🙃…..
Photoholic 📲

Bday bash on👉🏻 2 January 🥧🍫
Single always 🤗
Took a lesson from broken 💔
Funky mundaa 😌
ZeRo Attitude 😅😌

👉🏻Selfie HoLic kuriii😌🤳🏻
👉🏻Fan of Myself 😎
👉🏻friends call me pagluu🤗
👉🏻Dream place London😘🥰
👉🏻 Broken💔

Pro Rider….🚵
Blackholic! 🖤
Fun with own presence 😎🤗
No more Queen🤗
Wish me on 12 Dec🥧🍫

👉🏻The more you show your true feelings,
the more people find ways to hurt you…🌚
👉🏻Your close person always hurts you…
👉🏻 Alone lover🤗
Leave me alone ✌🏻

👉🏻You will never know
The power of yourself If until someone hurt you badly ….💔
👉🏻Alone person 👤
👉🏻 unknown person 👤🖤

👉🏻If you have soft heart,
Then you can end up hurting the most….👤💔
👉🏻sad life🖤
👉🏻Broken the most😞
👉🏻hate my life🌚

👉🏻Sometimes it’s better to be alone…
Nobody can hurt you….🌚
👉🏻No love anymore 💔
👉🏻Broken feelings….🥹
👉🏻 don’t quite..
You’re already in pain 🖤

👉🏻You’re already hurt me💔
And now your memories 🫥
👉🏻Suddenly of i die…🥺💔
⚫Don’t cry❌
Just look at the sky….👤
Smile and say bye🙂👋🏻

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Broken Heart Bio For Boys

Broken Heart Bio For Boys

🥲Broken Boy🙁
😒I Hate Attitude Girls😠
😇Girls Respected Boy🤗
🎼Sad songs Lover❤‍🩹
🥲Alone But Happy😊
👉🏻My B_Day Date 1️⃣4️⃣ March🎊🎉

Saanp🐍se bhi zyda zehrele hote hain wo log…
Jo apno ke beech reh kar
Dhasne ki tyari mn rehte hain…😒💔

Palkon mei aansu or dil mei dars roya….💔
Hasne walo ko kya pga rone wala kiss qadar roya.💯😊

😕Sad Music🎼Lover❤‍🩹
🥲Alone Boy😔
❌No Attitude🥺
🫤Shdeed wala Single😑
❤️Forever Love With Friend’s🫂💞
🎂Cake Murder On 1️⃣2️⃣ July🎉🎊

👉🏻Gym Holic🏋🏻‍♂️
👉🏻Inoccent Boy🤗
👉🏻Huq Sy Single🫤
👉🏻cuteness Overloaded🥰😍
👉🏻Dosto ka Dost🫂💞

🥰Future Doctor🩺💉
🤓Pet Lover🐹
👨‍👩‍👦MoM, DaD is My🌏
✨On__2️⃣1️⃣_Dec Is My B_Day😍🎊🎉🥳

😇Simple looking Boy🤗
☺️No Relationship🫥
🏫Collage Student🎒
😘Big Fan of Bhakt Jee😍
🎸Guitar Lover🥰
😒I Hate Fake Love😠

Tum Yaad Karo Ya Na Karo
. . . . . . Is ❤️ Ko. . . . .
Tumhari Yaad Zaroor Aati hai
[11:36 am, 06/07/2023] Smile😊: ”Trust Me”
I will never come into your Life.
If you feel better without me.💔

🔛📸 Photographer📸🔛
🏍 Heavy Bike Lover 🏍
🎧 Music Addicter🎧
👻 FuN LoVinG👻
💔BrokenHeart 💔

Heart Broken 💔
Happy Soul👻
Unique Personality😇
Fashion Model📸
Cheers Life✌🏻
Single Raho Yaro Bas🚶
🏙️From Lucknow 🏖
🎊Wish Me 1️⃣1️⃣_March 🎂

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