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Love Bio For Instagram

In today’s post, we have a lot of love bios for Instagram and quotes for your loved ones. You must be looking for love & couples bios or quotes to showcase your love for your partner.

So, we compiled a good collection of love and romantic, short quotes for couples, love captions, and love captions with unique ideas. Just copy & paste and put it on your bio and show your love for your partner.

Love Bio For Instagram


♨️I reall¥ ca®e ¥ou❤️
♨️I ®eally feel yøu💝
♨️ lovéŪ$oo_mu©h_bab¥🥰
♨️M@ma M¥ wo®ld🌎
♨️¢ake ✂️ 9 Mä¥🎂

✓MØm D@d+ ©ute😇
✓KTM løver🥰
✓ Römanti©_la®ki😜
✓ St¥lish MuÑda🤓
✓D@ddy’s p®incess😉

°TÕtally singl€ hoû ¥rr🥲
°M¥ BabÜ😝
°I lØve pain✝️ing 🎨🖌️
°D@d m¥ wo®ld 🌎

•Life liñe M@m@😘
•I’m $ingle bo¥🤪
•G¥M lØve®😇
•Löve Ü §oo mu¢h p@glu😙

  • MuⓂ️m@’s lØvēr❤️
  • I’m nØt rich But happ¥😊

♐I’m not ®ich famil¥😞
♐I @m in lôve with Û ❤️
♐¥®® Ü believe me🥲
♐M¥ h£art is pe®fect 💓
♐Óne love💕
♐Öne heart💜

Love ¥ou life Time😘
Blind bu✝️ be£autiful😍
T®ue lôve🥰
Øne sid£d lØve🥲
Mama papa love you💕

My favorite ⚾🏸⚽🏏🛼

▫️ C@n’t sha®e ¥ou with @nyône🥲😔
▫️ Wishes me 16 D£¢🥳
▫️ løve yoÜ hubb¥ 😚
▫️¥ou are only for me🫢
▫️I m|ss ¥ou tØô🥺❤️

B€ing kindn€s$😇
Søft He@rt£d💞
M¥ pa$$ion😍
Beiñg b€aut¥🥰
€diting lØvēr🔥
Nature’s beauty😍

M¥ h@nds n€€d ¥ou☺️
I will di£ without Ü🥺
I dØn’t unde®stand😭
Ro¥al £ntry on 15 De€c🌸🎉
I lôve Ü ßaßa jàñî❤️
ẞecause Î ®eally lov€😘

Everytime i sit to pray
I just close my eyes and say,
“Please God,let both of us be together forever”

🤗If you really love someone
Believe me
You can’t live without them❤️

~🤗Collect beautiful moment✨
~😇Just believe😊
~🥰Make your life sweet💞
~🙂Don’t worry be happy🥰
~🤗Happiness is a choice💖
~😘Try something new today💫
~😘Just a nice human✨

Kuch bat to ha tyri baton ma
Jo bat yaha tk a phonchi
Hum dil sy gy
Dil Tum py gya
Or bat khuda tk ja phonchi

~😇Somebody loves you✨
~😘The spaces between your fingres are ment to be filled with mine🤭
~❤️Loving you is like breathing how can i stop?💫
~🤗Spoil me with your Sweetness and love💞
~😜Are you wifi,because i am feeling a connection with you🤭
~😁You have a bit of cute on your face😜
~🤭I will report you to the police for stealing my heart❤️

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Instagram Bio For Lovers

Instagram Bio For Lovers

¥øu and M€🥰
¥ou a®e my favorite pe®son💞
I am lØve ¥ou❤‍🩹
Cut£ l@kin k@mini🤪

👉🏻I @m luck¥😇
👉🏻S@wag girls🤟🏻
👉🏻 Ønly on€ heart❣️
👉🏻R£d h€art♥️
👉🏻Happiñess is @ d®ug🫢
👉🏻 I’ll kis$ ¥ou💋

I love Ü mri jaan🥰😘
My lif£line💓
I love t®avelling🛫
Lôve yöu baby😘
£veryday miss you😘🥺
Höld m¥ h@nd😎

💢i am r£minding Û😙
💢Løve rel@tion$hip❤️
💢Lov€ly coupl£😘
💢 løve 💖 M@ma💞
💢$mile plz😁😊
💢Fi®st $ight loVe😘

🌸I’m ¥our kiñg👑
🌸I @m v£ry luck¥
🌸Oñe $mile c@n’t chang£
🌸F@lling in l0v€ all
🍕 m¥ h£art 😉
🌸W€ tog£ther for€v£r❤️

✿You are my everything❣️
✿sharif & Masoom😉
✿Miss me on 29th March😇
✿Already love you😘
✿P£®f€çt ©oupl£👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏼

✿You are my everything❣️
✿sharif & Masoom😉
✿Miss me on 29th March😇
✿Already love you😘
✿P£®f€çt ©oupl£👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏼

♡Chocolate cake lover🥮
♡Gõõd r£lation$hip💗
♡Ù are m¥ favorite h£ro😍
♡M¥ prin©ess😍
♡Cak£ lØvē®🎂

Happily love❤️
¥ØÜ & M£❤‍🩹
Lôve and laÜghter❣️
B€tt£r tøgethe®❤‍🔥
🌞 @nd 🌝

•Love Storybook😉
•LØving m¥self😘
•Lôvely gi®l😍
RBlÜe H£art💙
•M¥ tim£ i$ nØw😅
•LØve Ü❤‍🩹

°❣️I love you with all my heart and soul🤗
°🥺I need you🥰
°😘I want you😊
°💞I love you💝

~🤗Collect beautiful moment✨
~😇Just believe😊
~🥰Make your life sweet💞
~🙂Don’t worry be happy🥰
~🤗Happiness is a choice💖
~😘Try something new today💫
~😘Just a nice human✨

°❤️I will always be there for you,my lovely jan😘
°❤‍🩹I am so happy to have you in my life🥰
°😘I will always be your faithful and devoted partner💞
°😘love makes all things easy😇
°❤‍🔥Keep love in your 💜
°💞True love never died💓
°💗Love is pure and true🤗
°🙂I love being yours🥰
°😘Where there is love there is life😍
°💕He is just mine💖

°😍I love my jaan❤️
°😇So many of my smiles begin with you🤗
°❤️True love never gets old✨
°🤗I’m in best mood when I’m with you😘
°☺️Every day with you is the best day of my life🤭
°🥰I can’t live without you💕
°🥰We are best couple in the world 🌎

° 😍I know what love is it is🥰
° 💕 took slow steps towards your heart 💜
° 😘Some hearts understand each other, even in silence😇
° 😊Every day I spend with you🙃
° 🙂Be the best lessons of life🥰
° 🥲You take me to another level of happiness😊
° 😍Nothing can replace you😘

° ❤️I love you from the bottom of my heart❣️
° 😇Those are words that, I will say to the last love of my life🙃
° 😍True love well never leave😘
° 😙True love will found yo🥰
° ❣️I will love you forever💖
° 💗I will always love you no matter what💞
°💕You’re so right perfect sweet heart husband💝

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Matching Bio For Couples

Matching Bio For Couples

1.If it’s not you…..
….. it’s not anyone

2.I see forever in your eyes…..
…..I feel okay when I see you smile

3.Deep in my eyes I can feel you….
…. take me back to a time we only knew

4.I dream of you almost every night….
…. hopefully I won’t wake up this time

5.How do we rewrite the stars?….
…. say you were made to be mine

6.I think we could do it if we try….
….if only you say your mine

7.And you know,you know I love you so….
….You know I love you so

8.A million times over….
….I will always choose you

9.It’s you. You are the person….
….I love the most in the world

10.If the whole world was watching….
…. I’d still dance with you

  1. Until the end….
    ….nah,til’ eternity
  2. I’m inlove with you….
    …. please stay that way
  3. I’m jealous….
    …. don’t be
  4. I found you, thank god….
    …. nope, I found you first
  5. I love her….
    …. I love him
  6. Should we stay this way….
    …. yeah let’s do
  7. You are my rose….
    ….then you’re my jack
  8. You were always in my mind….
    …. you’re in my heart though
  9. Do you really like me….
    …. nope, I love you
  10. We’ve been together….
    …. nothing’s keeping us apart
  11. You don’t love me….
    …. stupid, i love you
  12. Be mine….
    …. I’m already yours
  13. I got my Juliet….
    ….I got my romeo
  14. You and me….
    …. always forever
  15. It started when we were younger….
    ….you were mine, my boo
  16. What ever our souls are made of….
    ….hers and mine are the same
  17. You may it look like it’s magic….
    ….cuz I see nobody nobody but you,you,you
  18. As long as I am here….
    ….no one can hurt you
  19. When the sun shine….
    ….we shine together
  20. Met alot of people….
    …. Nobody feels like you
  21. If you go, I will stay….
    …. and if you come back I’ll be here
  22. Let me distract you….
    ….you are my favorite distraction
  23. You’re the part of me….
    …. I’ll always need
  24. True love has no end….
    ….it is forever
  25. let me take your hand….
    ….I’ll make it right

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Instagram Bio For Married Couples

Instagram Bio For Married Couple

👉🏻M® Handsom£🤭
👉🏻Pa®tners Førever🤗
👉🏻Welcôm£ to m¥ life🥰
👉🏻$impl£ is m¥ @ttitude😉
👉🏻M¥ husb@nd is Ⓜ️y love❤️

•Simpl£ lark@☺️
•GYm lóve®🙂
•ẞest P@rtne®
•S€ar©hing me p@glu😉

°Ziddi p@®tne®🤓
°Lov€ you hübb¥😘
°Musi¢ l0ve® 🎵🎶
°Kiñg & Qu££n🥰
°Uñknöwn kuri🤪
°I Ønly t®ust oñ m¥ husband😇

L0ve y0u januÜ mañu😁😍
S@m£ dr€ssiñg❤‍🩹
Sam€ wat¢h€s⌚
$elFie loVe®🤳🏻
StYli§h ©oupl£😎

√M£ri j@Än🤍
√ẞrand£d cÖupl€💓
√$elf R£sp€c✝️🥰
√R0ya@l Bl00d😍🤭
√G@m£ l0ve® 🎮

~P£rfe¢t ©oupl€👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨
~©ute prince$$💁🏻‍♀️
~Lov€ly ku®|😇
~Fúlly @ttitud€😉
~LÓÕk lik€ døll😆
~Priñcess ôf m¥ wörld🌎

🎗️MØM & DåD💙
🎗️Lôve Ū j@ân M🥰
🎗️FŌöd løve®🍕🍟🍔🧀🍗
🎗️§ElFiE l0V€R🤳🏻
🎗️LÑnd€d_ôn_20 DécemBer🤭

Happ¥ CoÛpl£😊
A kî jáan❣️
Ma®®ied hun ¥rr🤓
L0V£ m@rriag€😇
SoÑa Kurî mûñd@🤪

✅Offi©ial |D😇
✅ẞor®n to b£ Princ€🥰
✅L0ve y0u m0m d@d🖤
✅§po®ts |ov€r🛹🥋🏓
✅Wi$h_m£_oÑ_8 Augus✝️🥳🎊

Ùniqûe ©oupl€😊
I @m romanti¢🤭
PrØudy lØve🥰
MÔvie$ love®💻
M¥ fighte® wif£😛

💞 Hand in hand.
You and me.
Today, tomorrow, forever… ❤️

° ❤️You are only mine💞
° 😊I am very happy to marry you😇
° 🤗I have only right over you😍
° 😘I found my love♥️
° 🤗I will always be happy with you 🥰
° 💕Me always you need is💗
° 😇You are my last love 😘

° 🥰You are my world 🌎
° 😘You are my soulmate💞
° 😇You’re number one in my life🤗
° 😊Thank you dear for making my life happy💓
° ❤‍🔥I am always with you my sweetheart❣️
° 😘I’m lucky to have you in my life💞
° 😘I am still praying for you and for myself🤗

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Relationship Bio For Instagram

Relationship Bio For Instagram

💞 H@nd in h@nd.
Ü and m£.
Toda¥, tomo®®ow, forever… ❤️

°❤️Ü ar£ ônly miñe💞
°😘I fÔund m¥ lØv€♥️
°💕M€ alwa¥s ¥ou n£€d is💗
°😇Û @re m¥ l@st lov€😘
°🥰YØu a®e m¥ wØrld 🌎
°😘Ü are m¥ soul♏at£💞

Yøu Are Min€ 💞
Yes i @m jealous,
Because I @m not read¥ to shar€,
you with an¥one.
Ü are mine and always min€ will ♥️

√I f££| Û in my heartbeat💓
√Lif€ line $💞
√I find û in m¥ thØught$🥰
√Blà©k 🖤 Love®
√I mi$$ Ü without ®easoÑ💞
√I love Ù as do û❤️

•T®ue love neve® di£d 💯
•💄 lØvēr
•I lov£ û sóø much mør£❤️
•P@gli diw@ni❤‍🔥
•I think ü a®e m¥ §oulmate😍
•Inno©€nt la®ki😜

Kuch bat to ha tyri batØn ma🥰
Jo bat ¥aha tk a phonchi🥲
Hum dil s@¥ gy🥹
Dil Tûm py gya😍
Ør b@t khuda tk ja phonchi😇

~My one and only love♥️
~He is my soulmate😇
~True love is always wins🤗
~Ū & me = Happy life😍
~Our love is an adventure😜
~The perfect partner👫

•JÜst b£lieve😊
•I ñ££d Ü🥰
•I want Ū🤭
•Ì løvé Ù❣️
•M¥ løvel¥ jáañ💞
•I am SØo h pp¥😊

~🤗Collect beautiful moment✨
~😇Just believe😊
~🥰Make your life sweet💞
~🙂Don’t worry be happy🥰
~🤗Happiness is a choice💖
~😘Try something new today💫
~😘Just a nice human✨

°M¥ abōut lif€😜
°Mu$i© @ddic✝️🎶
°M¥ Gf😛
°GF is m¥ lif£🥰
°ẞF i§ m¥ everything❤️
°Ü are my $oul😇

√😊I’m wearing the smile you gave me🤗
√ 😘I want us your’s together forever ❤️
√ 🤭Making me happy doesn’t require a lot of effort😍
√ 🥰Your presence is just enough❤️
√ 💓Respect is the key to a good relationship key😍
√ 💞A good partner is a gift from god🤗
√ 👫A strong relationship starts with two people❤️

√ 😙I love you soo much more♥️
√ 😘I think you are my soulmate😍
√ 💕I could hold you forever👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏼
√ 😍You & me are made for each other😘
√ 💞Us I like the sound of that💖
√ 🥰Let’s be together forever will 👫
√ 💓My heart stops when you look at me👀

I feel you in my heartbeat💓
I find you in my thoughts🥰
I see you even with my eyes closed😍
I miss you without reason💞
I love you as do you❤️

I don’t care how bad or good your past was
When i said yes to you,i accepted all your scars and insecureties with pride❤️

Making me happy doesn’t require a lot of effort
Your presence is just enough❤️

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Cute Love Instagram Bio For Couples

Cute Love Instagram Bio For Couples

√I løve m¥ choi©e❤️
√I Lov£ Ü all tim£😍
√M¥ LifE, M¥ Choi©E❤‍🔥
√Uniqu€ Per$Øn@lit¥😚
√Dre@m coupl£🥰
√LŌve Ü MuMM¥🤍

•D@nce l0v£r💃🏻
•¢u✝️E Larka¥🤪
•Ga®ba qUeeN😇
•My lif€line A🥰
•love® ke j@@n😘

YarØ ka Y@r😇
Du$hmano ka Dushm@n😡
P¥aro ka Pya®😘
Yarø ki Shañ🥰
Qu€€n ka Kiñg❤‍🔥
Apñi jan k£ jan💜
∆ Love MØM &DaD❤‍🩹
∆ I love m¥ family🤍
∆ Eñjoy every mōment🥳
∆ Nø Single🥲
∆ CrIcKeT lOvE®🏏
∆ BMW l0v£R🥰

♐Ca®s loVEr🚙
♐Dil ko dil se raah høti ha🤗
♐Duni¥a tery nam ka® du🥲
♐Tu _mer¥_name_ho_j@💝
♐Ha® pal geø🙃
♐Kal ho ñâ hô🥺

Ù & Me = Fo®eveR😇
You a®e my lif£🥰
You a®e my Zind@gi😘
M ke j@ñ😙
LovE Ü♥️
D ncÉr🤪

♻️I Ne£d Û🥲
♻️I LÓv£ U😍
♻️For€ver coupl£😇
♻️Life is be@utiful with Ü♥️
♻️Hea®t Att@ck🥺
♻️Favøurite I N££d Ü

I aM in loVe😇
I see you ankhón s¥🧐
I f€el Ü sanso sy😗
I need Ū dil $y😚
I lov€ you kasam s¥😛
I love u ever¥ momen✝️🥳

KiLLe® SmIle😊
Priñce of my d®ama queen😇
D€VIl BO¥😠
M¥ Heart atta©k💖
Bik£ lov®🏍️

A®jit $ingh l0er💘
Mu$iC L0VE®🤓
Mi$§ Ù🥺
H@pp¥ S0ûl😊
Cak£murde® 16 Dec€mber🎂

GF, BF Bio For Instagram

GF, BF Bio For Instagram

•Let’s maKe @ wo®Ld😇
•P@gLu & Paglî🤓
•Soñu & sw€£ty😊
•Priñce of dram@ que€n😁
•Ü are my h£art🤍

Kill£r sm|l€😊
Kille® e¥e👀
Kill€r voi©e😇
Hear✝️ killÊr❣️
Kill£r attitÜde😏
I loVe ¥ou🥰

°Wish_me_on_5 Øctober🎂🥳
°RÊd blÖod💘
°Pho✝️oshôot lov€r📷
°D£si mundÄ🤪
°BadmintŌn loVe®🏸
=Mumm¥ Dadd¥ bachay¥😉

√Pha@da daln@y w@li😜
√@pna bhi £k $tyle h@🤟🏻
√£k pahchañ🙃
√€k name hot@ ha🤓
√Suñda¥ faV🥳
√You lŌÔk like ciñde®ella😇

♨️Døn’t try to flir✝️ with m€😠
♨️B@d bo¥🤪
♨️Gañdi ku®i😄
♨️G@m£ love® 🎮
♨️Bindäss mûnd@😇
♨️Bôrn on 26 December🥳🤩

ẞáchpãn ka pya®🫣
Dre@m Gi®l😘
Sapño k£ rajpâri😇
Khuw@bo ka $h@hzada👱🏻‍♂️

I am ñot goØd per$on but i’m not f🅰️ke🤓
Hate Fake peôpl€😏
Only gÔôd vibe$🥰
Jan k£ jañ hun😘
Bad BâB¥😜

°S@b ke j@ñ🥰
°DiⓂ️ple bo¥👱🏻‍♂️
°Cho©olate is m¥ 1st lov€😇
°Cricket is m¥ 2nd lov€🏏
°Sh¥ ku®|😀
°Lov£ for€ve®😘

HApPy lif€☺️
Be$t pa®tne®😇
FaV pe®soñ😘
FavoÜrite lad¥🤎
TrÜe lov€❤️
I lôve Û foreve®😙

~ My cûte bab¥😘
~ Zindagi, sukÔÖn au® p¥ar🥰
~ Dr@wing Love®🙃
~ liviñg alôñ🥲
~ PiZz@ lôve®

° 😍We shine together 🥰
°❤️It’s him and i❤️
° 😍I really love you mri jan 😘
° ❤️Always forever me know me 💖
°🥰Talked to many people, no one is as loving as you❤️
° 🥰You are only mine😍
°😘You are my whole world🌎

° ❤‍🩹Gf is my life 😍
° 💞Bf is my everything🥰
° 😇I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I met you🙃
°❣️You are my last love😘
° 😇You are my soul🥰
° 🙃You are my favorite person in my life❤‍🩹
° I L⭕ve you❤️

° ☺️I’m wearing the smile you gave me bf😊
° ❤️You are my favorite bf😇
° 😍I didn’t choose you,my heart did choose you 😘
° 😇One_Boy thousand feelings🥰
° 😍I’m your’s faithfully forever🥰
° 😊Your smile brightens up my day😘
° 😍I realized I loved him💓

°😇I love being yours😍
° 😘You will forever be myself 🙃
° 💓You have my heart always, so you keep it’s safe☺️
° 😇Being soft won’t make you weak💫
° 😊Your smile my favorite always be will🥰
° 😘You complete me🤭
° ❤️I can’t believe she’s/he’s mine now💞

Instagram Bio For Couples

Instagram Bio For Couples

Your love is my medicine 💊
My love my life😊
Queen of heart❤️
I cannot live without you🥰
You are my love❤️
Happy soul😊
Cake murder 2 August 🎂

I love you❤️
You are my everything☺️
Beautiful couple😍
Happy life🥰
My world🌎
I will die with you🥹
Wish me on 24 June 🥳

You are mine🥰
Better together☺️
You complete me😇
I need vitamin u😜
Together we are complete 💯
Just me and you😍

My one and only☺️
Nothing can replace you😇
Love has no limit💓
True love never gets old💞
Best part of my life💖
All we need is love😍
My lifeline for a lifetime❤️

Pick me choose me and love me❤️
I told the stars about you✨
You are the key of my soul💞
Just let me love you💓
Every passing day our love is getting deeper❤️
We will hold our love till the end💝
I don’t want much,your time,your love,you😇

Thank you for loving me🥰
Where there is love,there is life☺️
Love was made for Me & You❤️
To love is to recognize yourself in another💖
You call it madeness but i call it love😇
My world in your eyes 👀
Me +You is the perfect menu💯

We loved with a love that is more than love💞
Nothing can stop me loving you💯
I found love when i found you❤️
I’m in love with every feeling that i feel with you😇
After every fight,our love grow more😍
First love teaches us what is love💯
I found the love of my life & thats you💖

I’ll always love you more than any limit❤️
I Love you more than i show you🥰
I learned to love from you💞
No one can love you more than me, not even you💯
Your love is the rain my heart needs to bloom🥰
You are the love that i carry proudly☺️
I have a heart thats love you more than i do✨

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