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Being sad sometimes is part of every person’s life at different stages. Don’t ever think this only happens in your life. I know you are there, looking for a Sad Instagram bio to portray your feelings in the form of words.

We provided you with so many alone & sad bios for your Instagram bios. Just go to the table, copy & paste the bio which you like for your inside feelings.

Sad Bio For Instagram


🎗️I®ea||y miss Ü🥺
🎗️I’m øut of €motion😔
🎗️Brøken be💔
🎗️I lov£ s@d sØngs😟
🎗️ẞ®økèn Life☹️

😔Bad boy😒
😭Broken heart💔
🥺I hate love💔
😔Sad song lover🎼
😢I hate my life😔
😭First cry 2nd August😢

▪️ £ve®yøne hurt ¥ou😭
▪️ Alone lif€ @nd ignor£😐
▪️ MemØries @nd Hate®s😖
▪️ Ver¥ sad mu§ic love® 🎶
▪️G@m ny mug¥ kabi ha$ne n@ diya😒

💢ẞig ẞ€li£ve😇
💢 Møhabb@t su©hi nai høti🥺
💢Ño ✝️rust an¥one els€😏
💢Fáké PeØple😔
💢Date of bi®th 9 NØV🥮

🎀NØ Lôv£😶
🎀B®ok€n in$ide💔
🎀Can’t live without Mama😍
🎀I lôve s@d song$🎵
🎀Sad soul😢

✨lov£ is fak€🥲
✨Ro¥al BlÔÔd😢
✨Br🅾️ken Qu££n😞
✨ẞ®oken but ẞeautiful Hea®t❤‍🩹
✨$ad móôd🫥

♋AlOnE GiRl😟
♋ Ku®i😉
♋SoFt He@r✝️eD🤭
♋My choi©e, My mi$take🥴

♦️Cars Lov£r🚗
♦️P®|ncess Of instagram🫣
♦️Craz¥ Munda🤪
♦️G@ndi ku®i🧐
♦️NØ Smoking🚬
♦️Ve®y s@d😢

▫️S£lfie love®🤳🏻
▫️ MuÑd@😇
▫️NØ Happ¥🥺
▫️@lon£ Ku®i☹️
▫️SiNgL€ 88%😉

•Cake murder__1st january🫣😉
•Simple KuDI🤭
•Green l0ver💚
•Fake PeØple😏
•Sa@nSkari kU®I😇

♡Mu$ic l0v€r 🎵🎶
♡⁠Broken Ⓜ️an💔
♡⁠Fu|| K@MiNi🤪
♡⁠NOT Av@ilable🥺
♡⁠L@nd_on_Earth_20 july🤭
♡⁠In$ta ke pa®i🥴

🌌Good night, Good bye✋🏻
😕Sometime it’s better to be alone nobody can hurt you✨
😒A useless life is an early death😢
😔Sadness is the result of unhappy thoughts🤔
😐Life is divided into the horrible and the miserable😒
😢The absence of love is the most object pain😔
☀️ the sun is alone too and he still shining✨
🥺deep down, I’ve began to associate love with pain😢

😒I’ll never tell how much i cried the day you left🥺
😞I’m sick and tried to crying😭
💔Heart been broke my whole life😭
🥺 I miss you but you have no idea😢
🌙only the moon knows how much i miss you😔
😒I lost my mind trying to understand your😞
😭tears come straight come from the heart💔

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Sad Instagram Bio For Girl

Sad Instagram Bio For Girl

🥺Bad girl😔
💔Broken girl😭
😢Sad girl🥺
😭Heart broken💔
💔Broken inside😞
😒I hate love❤️
😔Alone girl 🥺

😭No love💔
😔No friendship🤐
☹️Always alone😢
🫤Alone but happy💔
☹️Sad doll🧍🏻‍♀️
🥺Sad song lover🎼

😟Finding a way to disappear🫥
😒I just want to be where you are😔
💔I never got my crush 😭
😟It’s better to be Loved and lose,than not being Loved at all😒
💔My heart is like a glass someone repairs it someone breaks it😭
😶I have mastered the art of crying quietly🫤
😢No tears left to cry 😢

🫤Loneliness is the ultimate poverty😒
💔Today one of my most closest friend broken my🥺
😭I am crying inside but nobody sees it☹️
😥Pain is like your shadow it will always follow you🤐
😭I wonder if he cried for me🤨
😓people don’t care now but when you die they do😟
🥺Hurt means I love you 😭

😇Love my parents❤️
😔Sad queen 👑
😒No smoking 🚭
🚫No believe anyone💯
🍰 Cake lover😇
😇It’s me😂
🚫Don’t cry for anybody😭

😭I am alone because i have no one💔
🥺sometimes is better to be alone 😔
😟I’m depressed 😔
😕Breath deeply😒
💔my heart is very sad😭
😞forever free🥺
😶have patient🥀

🥹Royal entery on 25 March 😉
🙂Friendship goal😇
🥺Feeling sad😭
🫤Funky girl😉
😕My life my rule😏
😢never get change for anyone😔

🌈 Rainbow always come after the darkest strom🥺
🥺I am an option😭
⌚Don’t waste time in love❤️
😔The world mad and the people are sad😭
😭You didn’t break my heart you totally destroyed it💔
😭A tear age made of 1 water and 99 feelings💔
👀 Eyes talk better than words sometimes🥺

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Sad Instagram Bio For Boy


🥺Bad boy😒
🙂Gym lover😇
🎮 Game lover😏
🏏 Cricket lover😉
🎵 Music lover❤️
🚫No love😏
😉Cake murder 2 August😇

😭A sad soul can kill quicker than a germ😢
💔A useless life is an early death😟
😔Sadness is the result😳
💔Love is life and if you miss love, you miss life😭
😢Everyplace is lonely place without you😒
😭It’s getting dark in this little heart🖤
🥺When your trust is broken it’s better to have a lonely life💔

😥One day my pain will make sense to you😐
😥The heart was meant to be broken🥺
😒I sent love but i received pain😭
😐I broke my own heart loving you💔
😒It’s almost as if I didn’t exist anymore😳
😢My heart still asks about you😳
😭I miss what we were 😓

Hum fakeron sy kya pouchty ho
😔Dastany muhabat🥀
Hum to bewafa ko be jeeny ke dua dyty hain

😔Suddenly if i die don’t cry just look at the sky smile and say bye✋🏻
😭Khamoshi sy matlab nai matlab batoon sy hai
Din to guzar jata ha masla raaton sy hai💔

Sometime there is no next time,no second chance,no timeout
Sometime it is now or never,things change,
friends leave and life does not stop for anybody

📱No call it’s ok
📲No msg it’s ok
🚫No chat it’s ok
🥺I am still hare waiting for you❤‍🩹

Life is very complicate don’t try to find answers
When you find answers life change the question
😇When you smile because of someone its special feeling
When you cry for someone it’s love❤️

❤‍🩹Sometimes lot of feelings i want to say
No one find who understand my feelings😭

I am not cute☺️
I am not beautiful😉
I am not intelligent🧠
I am not perfect🤓
I am not fake🤨

Okay! I am sorry i think i am not right person for you
I am not good person
So…keep distance from me
💔Good bye💔

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Sad Instagram Bio In English

Sad Instagram Bio In English

😔Big mistake of my life…
I truth easily
I care for everyone
I don’t cheat anyone
So every one just hurting me😭

“Believe me”
🥺No one is with you they come for their needs,
Time passes no one waits for you
That’s life❤‍🩹
😭A hungry stomach, an empty pocket and a broken heart can teach the best lessons of life❤‍🩹

❤‍🩹The things we love destroy us every time⌚
😔Trust get you killed,
Love gets you hurt and being real gets you hated💔
😐When you don’t need it everyone will come
When you need no one comes😭
🥺The best way to avoid disappointment is to not expect anything from anyone❤‍🩹

🤫Silence is better than unnecessary drama😔
😇Only one person can change my mood in one second❤‍🩹
😇Every day start with an expectation
End with an experience😐

😢Life is divided into horrible and miserable😔
💔I have thousand reasons
To die’s
And millions of tears
To crying 😭
😐Life is not a problem
To be solved but
A reality to be experience😒
😔Yes i am strong person but every now and then
I also need someone to take my hand and stay everything will be ok😇

Being alone is an option for your life
You can choose it or not …
It’s your choice for your life
Be happy for yourself

😔Wo naseeb kisi or ka tha or barbad hum ho gy💔

😔Es duniya ma asa q hota ha
Jo sb ko khusi dy wohi rota ha
Umer bhar jo sath na dy saky
Wohi zindagi ka pehla Pyar q hota ha💔

Kay chal sari galti mri thi 😓
Aj qubool krta hou🤐
Rozana tujy yad kar kar🥺
Waqat fazool krta hou🥀
Ab en ankho ko tera intezar nai ha⌚
Nahi asa nahi kay tuj say pyar nahi ha 💔🤕

Hum nay socha tha 🥺
🤕Batay gay sab
Dukh dard tum ko❤‍🩹
😐Par tum ny too
Itna bhi nahi poucha🤐
Khamosh q ho😢

😓Kismat buri ha ya main bura hou
Yeh faisla na ho saka🥺
🤕Main sab ka ho gaya
Koi mera na ho saka😭

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Very Sad Bio For Instagram

Very Sad Bio For Instagram

🥺 Satisfy your soul not the society😏
😔People fall in love I fall into problems😓
🌎I dide a lot to live a little with you✨
💔Tears are words that need to be written 😢
⌚Time makes you stronger 💪
🌙 Moon knows the untold stories😓
🎶 Music is better than people😐

Dear life
💔Please don’t make me cry again and again because i don’t have anyone who make me stop crying😭

🤕Dream without fear,love without limits❤‍🩹
🥀Do not give up the begining is always the hardest😒
😔Every day brings an opportunity to do something legendary🥺
😟People change so fast, yesterday they cared,today they don’t😢
😐Always stay with me i don’t feel good without you🤕
😔Hide your sadness and keep smiling because even if you show your sadness to someone no one will care💔

•😢Life is not easy, life is like a game😒
•😭It really takes lifetime to forget someone very sad reality 💔
•😔seriously cried😭
•🤕Sadness is result of unhappy thoughts🥺
•🫤The last one you just melted my heart😕
•😟No word to appreciate only my soul tears🥺
•❤️You never forget the one you loved😒

💢Yad rackhna
Ek din tum roo paro gay
Sirf ya soch kar ky
Tha koi zidi sa chahny wala
Pata nai kaha chala gya apni zid chor kar😭

🤕Sometimes we can’t explain what we actually feel inside💔
😕Be free,be true,be you
It’s ok to feel both😔

💢Jo ansu pe liay jayn
wo zyhr sy kam nai hoty😭
💢Kuch sapny tum ny tor diay
baki hum ny dackhny chor diay
💢Usay kahna raat bohat azeyat me guzarti ha
kabi kabi to khwab me mar be jata hun😔
💢Kuch duckh asay be thy jo khud ko suna ay or ro diay😭
💢Wo ansu bohat azeyat nak hoty hain
jo chupky sy beh kar takeay ma jazab ho jaty hain😭
💢Kuch log barosy ky liay roty hain
Aur kuch log barosa kar ky

°😭life hurt a lot more than death💔
°😥Tears are words the heart me can’t stay😭
°😒Life is so fucking hard😢
°😒I love being alone💔
°😟Aloneness is happiness😔
°🥺Feeling alone sometimes very painful 😣

°🥺Being alone is nothing new for me😒
°😔feeeling alone is side effect of dying🤕
°😟 Alone life is very better😐
°😒Stop being emotional in every situation🙏🏻
°😭I have mastered the art of crying quietly😥
°🥺loneliness is the ultimate poverty😔

√😭I’m on the verge of crying😔
√💔He broke my heart😢
√😭i like crying🥺
√😥You have just given me depression😒
√🫤I wish I was enough for you🤕
√😢I think I am not right person for you😟

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Short Sad Bio For Instagram

Short Sad Bio For Instagram

✓😭Memories hurt😥
✓😟No one cares about you😓
✓😐Full sadness 😕
✓🥺✖️No one love me✖️🤕
✓💔Alone 100%😥

✓😒I hate my life💔
✓🤕You hurt me again😢
✓😭I am very sab boy🥺
✓😢I miss you soo much🥺
✓😔I am always sad😥
✓💔I hate fake love😓

✓🤕Me hate this love moment🥺
✓😒Darkness is inside me😭
✓🥺Don’t trust any🔥
✓💔No friends😓
✓😟Simple life😒
✓😕Sad music lover🎵
✓🥺Everyone hurt me 💔

✓🤕Please leave me alone in my life🥺
✓💔Broken inside😕
✓😟No trust anyone 💔
✓😓No love no tension😟
✓😢Alone in a crowd😐
✓😭First cry on 15 July 🎂
✓😢Don’t love😔

✓😭You broke me😢
✓💔Never trust anyone🤕
✓😓Feeling alone😐
✓😒When you are alone😢
✓🥺I still care the same problem😥
✓🥺Fel good only when crying😭
✓😕Sad life😔

✓😢Alone and ignored😐
✓😥I’m not okay😟
✓🫤I need a break from my own thoughts😕
✓🥺Memories hurt🤕
✓🥺 leave me alone 🙏
✓🤕Alone lovers😒
✓😭Don’t crying inside😥

✓😢No one me cares anyway😭
✓🤕I am broken l💔
✓😒Gloomy birds still single😕
✓🥺Moving on will never be easy💯
✓❤‍🩹love is priceless💓
✓😢Broken heart boy need laughter too🥺
✓😒living no one notices😟

✓😒I am sad😔
✓😐I hate fake people😟
✓😒All are mean people😓
✓😢I am very lonely😕
✓👉🏻Everyone breaks my heart😓
✓🥺Everyone left me alone🤕
✓😢Alone boy😟

✓🥺The felling alone🤕
✓😭The felling of sadness and live😒
✓😢I need a break from my own thoughts🫤
✓😥Don’t say goodbye😓
✓💔Every person hurt me😭
✓😟Sadness is like an ocean😢
✓😐In silence no one answers😟

✓😔Sad log😕
✓👉🏻Still alive😔
✓😢kabi kabi insan sochta ha😟
✓🥺Zindagi itni muskil q ha😢
✓💔Love failure😥
✓😓log felling say khelte hain😥
✓🤕Kuch log es duniya may both buray han😢

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