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BGMI Bio For Instagram

Today’s post is for the Pubg lovers who got addicted to the pubg. You are looking for pubg bios for your Instagram bios, and finally, you are at the best place. For you, all the pubg bios are here.

There is a broad collection of pubg bios for your Instagram bios. Go and copy the bios of your interest, paste them on your Instagram bio, and make your profile the best among pubg lovers.

Instagram Bio For Pubg Lovers

Instagram Bio For Pubg Lovers

💥I don’t know how to play
Video Games Casually…..🤓
💥I’m neither Not interested At all
Or I play 16 hours &
Forget to Eat….😎

Multiplayer ✌🏻
Entry on 23 Nov….🍂
Manaa hum PUBG khailny ky liye raat raat bhar jagty hain….😎✌🏻

Pr beta hum tumharii trha nahii hain
Hum dupaty ky peechy ni bhagty hain….👎🏻
Punjabi girl💕
Bhangra lover 😚
Agriculturist 🌽
PUBG player 🥰
Single 😆
Always trust on your characteristics 🥰

Your name 😊
Hindustani girl👈🏻
PUBG ki player 🥰
Student of science 🤛🏻
10 killed & chicken dinner 😎😉
Blood__of_ Rajput 😎
Player _of___pubg👀✌🏻
High ___nakhraa🤓

Fashion model💕👈🏻
Interesting personality 🙃
Mine favourite 👇🏻
The ony 1 PUBG always 💕😍
Traveller 😎
Shoniii kuriii🥰

Shoniii kuriii🥰
Dostoo ki dost💕
Franky girl 😚
Entry👉🏻12 July 🍫😍
I love my Dad🥰
Single & cute💕
Chocoholic 🍫😍

Teddy lover❌
I Am PUBG lover Dude🤛🏻😎
Be aware of My silentness,
I just love to Finish my work silently.
Cake cut👉🏻 12 May 🎂
👉🏻I don’t need to Explain about Myself
💥My Attitude tell you everything😎
Pubg player…>>>3

Gamer👉🏻 PUBG one💢
Entry on Earth👉🏻 20 August 🎂😍
Lovely boy😍
Zidiiii 😎
PUBG lover😎💢

Don’t love And cry😐
Just Fu*k And Fly 🫣
Boys Are Great
Every Girls should have one✌🏻
PUBG craze 😎

It’s single munda✌🏻
Unique life 💢
Cake party 13 Nov 🎂
Pubg lover….

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Pubg Bio Attitude

Pubg Bio Attitude

👉🏻Welcome to the Pro profile 🔥
💥Love to play PUBG😎
💥If someone passes
There Game just to text you back,
So don’t ignore them ..👈🏻

Mr:Gamer 😎
🛑PUBG player….✌🏻
Cake Murder 👉🏻20 June🍥🥧
Tips on How to Talk someone while They are Gaming: Don’t! 👎🏻

💥Branded profile 😎
💥A pro gamer boy✌🏻🤛🏻
I choose to Become A Gamer because
Nothing Epic ever happens in Real life…😈☠️

Login to world 👉🏻 20 May 🥧
👉🏻Like to play game since childhood 😎✌🏻
Obsessed with PUBG😍
💥5 Am the hour when the
Legends are Either walking up or going to sleep🤓😛

💥Zatii profile hai dude😜
🛑Han PUBG ka hi nasha hai🫶🏻🤞🏻
💥 Eat: Sleep: Game: Repeat 😅😈

Here’s come😎👇🏻
My profile ✌🏻
Legend of PUBG game🔥
Failure doesn’t kill me
It gives Me experience…🫶🏻

Keep calm and game On 🔥
The PUBG one🕹️❣️
I have a Dream😚
One Day my mother will understand
Online games cannot be paused 🤓

👉🏻Games player😎
✌🏻Pro in PUBG 👈🏻
🥺Keep calm ✓
And blame it on The leg🤓
I’m Sorry for what i said
While playing the Game…🤥

Profile 👉🏻 The PUBG lover boy❣️✌🏻
Gameholic ❣️
PUBGholic 🫶🏻
👉🏻Games don’t make You
Violent lag does…🔥

💥I’m not A Player…👎🏻
💥I’m a Gamer ✌🏻
🛑The PUBG one dude✌🏻😎
Players get chicks….👎🏻
I get achievements🍂🤞🏻

Gaming pro Profile 👈🏻✌🏻
Failure doesn’t mean the
Game is over,
It means try again with experiences….🤞🏻🍂

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Bio For Pubg Girl

Bio For Pubg Girl

💥Yup A Gamer profile 😎✌🏻
💥Life is a Game play it..
Girls can Game too…👈🏻🔥
Pro —- player😎
Be the Game Changer 😎
Forget about the cheap people,
Be a PUBG player 🔥👈🏻
Game over…
Coz here’s a girl.

Level up,
Then check my profile ✌🏻😎
There’s a Gamer girl✌🏻
The PUBG player😎
I don’t have birthdays…👎🏻
I level up!!!!
💥I am not a “Gamer Girl”…
💥I am a Gamer.😎
💥I play video Games 🎮
💥I don’t take slutty pictures👎🏻
💥While holding a controller….✌🏻

I’m Hot Dude with Cool Attitude😐
Pubg Girl😍
I’m not special..
I’m just limited edition 🙂
My middle finger can handle your attitude 😎

Cute Girl😎
Shopaholic 👛👠
Dosto ki jaan❣️
Love ny pagalpan💕
PubgLover 💗
No BF , No problem ✌🏻

Forget the haters,
Cause somebody loves you…❣️
Dimple queen💕
I forgive
I never forget 💢

Queen of heart’s 💜
💥Don’t fall in love❌
Make love Fall on you…🩶
💥 My peace 👉🏻 PUBG 😍
Dream big and dear to fail✌🏻

Cute lrkiii😍
WC to My profile🎉
Pro khiladii😎
Big fan of PUBG 🎮👿
Cake Murder on 30 Feb 👑👉🏻🎂
Music LOver 🎵

💥PUBG queen👑..
💥Chocolate Lover 🍫 💥friends call me legend of PUBG😎
Fancy girl✌🏻
A gamer has no fear🫣

💥Student 😎😍
💥Hangout 🫣
💥I am queen of PUBG ✌🏻
🛑Simple but eye catching 👀
HaPpY in own life😍😋👑

Queen of own world 👑
VIP account ✌🏻
Love for PUBG 😍
No relationship’s 💢❌
Dancing lover💕

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Bio For Pubg Boy

Bio For Pubg Boy

Cute boy😍
My life😎
Young boy💪🏻
Bike lover🚵
My rules🔥
PUBG lover😎😚

Handsome Munda 😍
Simple life🥰
Royal blood🩸
BMGI Lover 🤫
Friends ——- forever 🥰
Proud to be Indian

Single but not available 💢
PUBG addict🩶
Mom lover🥰
Masti and moj💪🏻

Cute boy❤️
Photoholic 📸
Sad😅 boy
Babies lover😘🥰
PUBG The love😍
Wish me on 13 April 😊🍫

King of kings 👑
Attitude depends on you🫵🏻
Bindass kaminaa…😎
Time only for👉🏻 PUBG ✌🏻
Mahakal ka bhakt🕉️

Photography 📸
No bike KTM🤥
No girlfriend 💢

I have the PUBG 😎✌🏻
I came before you”
“Sit up when i walk in”
Pro ___Gamer of pubg😎

PUBG master💢😍
Sorry Girls I am in love With PUBG 😎
Born to express,
Not to impress…😌
Don’t try to Angry With Me😌😎

Cause I’m always ready to blast…😈
Judge me when you are perfect 💪🏻
Fu*k The system I’ll create my own path😌

Multi Gamer…
Pro in PUBG 😈
👉🏻Be smart,
Don’t be over smart
Wish me on 13 April 🍫🎂
👉🏻King is always king with
Or without queen🫣

Don’t judge A legend
By his Single delivery…😛
PUBG lover😻
👉🏻Born to kill,
Not to die…💢
👉🏻Focus on own Goals
Not on women wholes ..😜

Star Of PUBG 😎
Football player ⚽
Loafer boy😎
Fun lover🎶🎶🎵
Food lover🍟🍔🍕

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BGMI Bio For Instagram

BGMI Bio For Instagram

Pagal larkA😍
PUBG addicted 🎮
Hearts king 👑💕
DOB 👉🏻 10 September
😉Khalnayak boy😎

💕Cute Munda 😘
👑Dimple king👈🏻
👉🏻Hazel Eyes👀
👉🏻love my pagalpan 💕
Unique 😍
😎Killer personality 😝
💪🏻Master of BMGI PUBG😉
👉🏻Apna Dream Supêr Star😎

Duke Lover 😍🏍️
🥰Mom Dad are My Love💕
👉🏻Handsome personality 🥰
👉🏻Simple Munda💕
💥PUBgHoLic 👈🏻🎮
💥 Respect for Girls😇
💥Wish me On 13 May🎉🙊🍰

👉🏻You couldn’t handle me❌
Even if i came with instructions 😌
Messy boy🕵🏻‍♂️
Mind Your Own business 😉
Available only for👉🏻BMGI PUBG Dude 😍
💥I don’t care what people think about me…😎

This is the me in rawest form✌🏻
Risk taker: Adventurer 🤓
Globetrotter: living my dreams😍
PUBG Fan✌🏻😎

👉🏻Simply look at me🙂
God is Amazingly creative😍
Stress doesn’t go with my outfit !🙂
Real PUBG Game Changer 😎✌🏻
I speak fluent Sarcasm😏
💥 Don’t dm. Telepathy only!!🙃

It’s just a bad day not bad life☺️
💥I Am not actually online
It’s just optical illusion👀😉
💥Will you play PUBG With me??
Then DM otherwise never think about it😎✌🏻

💥Dob👉🏻12 May 💕🥰
💥Love with game since childhood but
I Am insane for PUBG ✌🏻
Lover of BMGI

💥Look in the mirror and see your competitor 😎
I Am the hero of the history,
Don’t save me❌
👉🏻Stay busy they don’t deserve you✌🏻😎
🎮PUBG lover🥰
👉🏻M⁴ lover😎
Entry on 12 December 💕🥧

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PUBG Lover Bio For Instagram With Emojis

PUBG Lover Bio For Instagram With Emojis

Simple Munda✌🏻
oNly moj😎
👉🏻PUBG ka Diwana🎮
❌Pro killer✌🏻
First cry on 👉🏻 12 June 🥧💕
HaPpY in Digital Life 🥰💕

King of Insta👑
R 15 lover💕😎
Friendly boy😍
No money💸
No honey💃🏻
Mad for PUBG 😎

Rare Attitude 😎
Dostoo ka dost 💕
Login to a world on 👉🏻 12 Nov🥧😍
Gamer👉🏻BMGI PUBG 🎮

Papa ka Hero😎
Silent lover😎
Pro killer👉🏻 personality 💕😍
PUBG 👉🏻 love💕
Fearless lifestyle 😎
Proud to be hindi💕

⛔️🔥Attitude Boy🔥
⛔️💓R15 LoVer💘
⛔️😎Grand Entry 25 Feb🍰
⛔️🙏Respect Of Girls 🙏
⛔️👉Friendly Boy😁
⛔️📲BGMI Mobile LoVer💚
⛔️💵No Money💸
⛔️💃No Honey💃

♥️ Kamina Ladka😉
😎 Pubg 💕Lover🌹
🥰Proud To Be Hindu🔥
😘Photo shoot Lover 📸
😍Big Fan Of Mahakal🕉️
😇Wish Me On 30 Jan🎂

👑Royal Maratha
👨‍👩‍👦Mom+ Ded Ka Ladla❣️
👉Wish Me On 12 Nov🎂
💣BGMI LoVer💙
💯Sniper Lover 💢
😈Khiladi Ka Khiladi👻
😡Pro Khiladi 😤
🔥Khatarnak Khiladi🔥
😎Pro Player😧
💣BGMI Lover❤️
🤤Hang Over💫
😳Royal Entry 25/6/1998🍰
😈I Hat Girls😠
😎Because I Love You Girls💘

⛦Hero 🕴
⛦student 📖
⛦Single 👦
⛦Music 🎶
⛦Star 🎬
⛦Pubg lover 💕
⛦Wish me on 6th July 🍰

👑Official Account👑
🥰Bindass Boy🤗
👉PUBG Meri Jaan💝
🎈Royal Entery 25 Jan🎂
⚔️Sniper LoVer💓
😎Attitude is My Hobby😎
😈Pubg Ka Badshah🔥

Best Bio For Pubg Lite

Best Bio For Pubg Lite

Game lover<<<PUBG 🎮
Wish me on 13 July 🥰🍫
Follow me😋
PUBG king👑❣️
Need a Shehzadi 🩶
Beautiful shehzada😍

I’ll win not immediately
Definitely 😍
If attitude kills….,
I’m the weapon of Mass destruction..👿
Create your own world 👇🏻
With PUBG 😍😘

Loyal munda👑
Wakhra swag😎
Diwana hun PUBG ka😍
Call me princes 👑
Sniper’slover 😎✌🏻
Royal entry 4 march😋🍫

💥Breakup in love
Is the wake-up of life👀
💥PUBG gamer 💪🏻
💥My style is unique.
Please don’t copy it!!🤨

💥My profile is only for Gamers 😎
💥I Am the game changer dude😎🤛🏻
Best in PUBG 🎮
Shonaa Munda 😍
Stylish boy😎
Paglii ka paglaa💕.
👉🏻Don’t show me your attitude
If I, you will die👏🏻
PUBG player….😎
I’m silent,
It doesn’t mean i am coward
Cause I’m silent killer..✌🏻

Gaming star…
I’m not lazy, I’m just On
My energy saving Mode😎
Royal entry on 25 july🎂🍫
Student 💢
PUBG lover❣️

Attitude is everything 😎
👉🏻Champions always try and play until they get it right ✌🏻
Don’t hate me
Just get to know me first✌🏻
I’m Not bad,
I’m worst in The Kind😈
Pro pubg player…

Pure soul😍
PUBG 👉🏻 Anytime
It’s not my attitude
It’s my style
💥My attitude based on..
How to treat me😑
💥I’m better than your Ex And cooler than your Next 😜😎

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